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There is just something especially adorable about different species of children playing together!

Supplies are in the details, but here they are again:
LCO Grunge Patterns BrushSet
BVA Grungelle BrushSet
KSC Words To Live By BrushSet
ABR SSPaper Off The Wall
MRE SSPaper Downtown
TCS SSPaper Manuscript
Fonts: joeHand2, journal

    This is beautiful! I love the summery green and the texture of the paper. Your blending of the photos into the background is wonderful. Fabulous LO! And so darn cute!
    Oh Theresa! How Adorable! I miss seeing puppies playing with the children and this brings back memories. Your son is gonna love this when he's older and I'm sure looking at it brings back wonderful memories for you too :)
    They are so cute. I just love puppies! Great LO. I like how you blended the photos into the background. Coloring is great, grass, grass, grass. Great.
    This is an awesome page. Love the puppy love theme. The paper is such a wonderful shade of green and I love the burlap feel of it. The photos are amazing and you blended them into the background so well. Neat page.
    Wonderful layout. I love the blended photos!
    Such vibrant color and precious photos. I can hear the giggles and the sloppy puppy kisses from here.

    Nice job.
    This is gorgeous Theresa. I love the blending of the adorable photos and the textrue of the background. Nicely done.
    Great, vibrant layout.
    Cute pictures!
    yep. very adorable. Great pics!