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I have never entered one of your competitions and am brand new to digital scrapbooking, so I hope this LO is up to scratch. I am always grateful for opinions and ideas to improve!

This is a photo of my daughter and boyfriend, taken a few months ago.

Credit: Lovee Grungee Page Kit

By Marcee Duggar

©Marcee J. Duggar

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I think it's an awesome LO! I'm new to this too, and this is the first time I've entered a contest too. I love the way you blended the photo into the wings and I love the grunge look! Way cool LO!

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This is dynamite Kate! Very much up to scratch. I love the way the photo kind of overflows the frame and the wings are perfect. My only suggestion would be that the words across the top don't show up too well but I realize that they may show up a lot better in a printed version, rather than a small, web-version. You may have wanted them subtle. :)

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If you are new..oh my..the things we will get to see from you. This layout is beautiful! Welcome to Scrapgirls.


Thank you. I admire minimalist scrapping, but when I try to do it, I end up with a full page, and grungy! I have only done a few LO's as yet, so I might learn to do all sorts of LO's!!

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