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How do I love you?


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How do I love you?

My youngest daughter; I was playing with my camera. I love it when a photo shows a glimpse into personality. :) This one isn't a "picture perfect" photo, but it shows a bit of her personality. Love it!

Happy February!!

    Oh Joanne, she is so pretty! I see what you mean about catching a glimpse of her personality :) I love the 2 pictures displayed like this and the
    fun stitched heart above the journaling! This is Fantastic :D
    Wow...look at those eyes!
    Great layout!
    I love the expressiveness of the photos and the LO is beautiful! Fabulous job!
    Great job on this! I so want to take a photo class! Everyone that I see has or is taking one is getting such wonderful results. And then the scrapping here is excellent too!
    As soon as I saw those eyes, I knew this was yours! ...and sometimes the perfect picture is not a perfect picture.
    Another Beaut of a LO - behind those eyes, I mean.
    love the 2 different looks on her face and the heart around your journaling..great lo
    You are so talented! I have always loved you LO's. Everything fits together perfectly!
    She is beautiful and I love how you put the layout together. She looks like you Joann!
    If you ask me..the photo is perfect! Love this layout!
    Fabulous photos! I really love how you put this layout together. Wonderful.