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Savannah Rose Valentine Smiles

Savannah Rose Valentine Smiles

My youngest granddaughter, 2 yo Savannah Rose, the youngest of eleven children, is such a loving, happy and sociable girl!. Recently she learned to smile for the camera and smiles these BIG cheesy grins... so sweet!!

I wanted to capture her middle name "Rose" and blended two valentine papers with LOVE and ROSES. (In the blending, the roses were obscured, so I added Valerie's fairy princess from the nutcracker to add another rose.)

She's our littlest valentine!

Supplies are in the details.

    How sweet Barb! She's a cutie pie!
    She is adorable! I love combination of papers you blended to make that background. Looks great!
    She's cheesin' alright! nice colors here. like the ribbon flowers.
    I have to smile at this one. :)
    Love her "cheesy" smiles!
    This is so sweet! I love her costume in the one photo and those smiles are so precious! I think you did a great job on this layout. It just makes me smile!
    What fun! I love how you did your title and the extractions you did. Nicely done.