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LOVE makes the ride worthwhile

I already posted this LO under Heritage, but it occurred to me that with my word art, this technically qualifies for this month's contest. lol. So, here it is.



ABR HisNHers papers

BVA Brush Set Well Worn

MRE SS Tools PaperTear

BHA Sassy Pumpkin Hopsack Emb

MAD 20 Sketches

BHA Stylize Collection Biggie

ABR AYO Zoom Scenic Route stitch

SNU Mischief Maker Emb

BHA Stylize Alpha

ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Worn Overlays Special

Font: Vintage Typewriter




Glen W Shay was what you’d call a character. (The W doesn’t stand for anything, by the way. It’s not an initial, there’s no period after it; it’s just Glen W -- period.) I

asked the family to tell me about this picture. Dad said it was before his time, and his own knowledge of the story is sketchy, because Grandpa was a little touchy about talking about it.

What he does know is that the motorcycle was a Harley Indian, top of the line back in the day. Owen thinks the picture was taken going down Main Street in Belle. Sometime later Glen was running an errand and hit a chuck hole or pop bottle over by Ray Oliver's blacksmith shop. He took a rough fall, peeled his face and ended up in the hospital. No one’s sure what became of the motorcycle.


The guy who owned Sly's grocery store, where Grandma was the bookkeeper, said to her, "You're not planning on marrying that crazy so and so, are you?" Ha!

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What a neat LO! I like the stamped initials and the journaling is terrific. I especially like the torn paper with the patterned paper below.

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Your photo is awesome. I love the heritage feel to your whole layout. The antique type for your font is perfect, and the papers and embellishments all work together to give it that aged feel.

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Oh my gosh Bobbi! What a dynamite layout. The frame is absolutely perfect for the photo - which is certainly a treasure. Wonderful journaling. I love the whole thing.

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The photo immediately hits the eye but everything around it just sets it off beautifullly. The journaling is delightful.

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What an incredible photo and the style and color of the LO complement it so well! I love the story too! It's so expressive! This is what scrapbooking is all about! Preserving these memories so they are not forgotten. Beautiful!

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Love the way you have assembled all of the embellishments and framed the photo. The page definitely has an aged look giving the theme even more authenticity. What a wonderful story to preserve.

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Fantastic layout! The photo really captures the eye, but your journaling is what really makes this layout standout I think. I love how you embellished around the photo, it really makes the photo shine. Thanks for sharing this special memory with us!

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