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My Sister

My Sister

I love my big sister. She means the world to me, so this lo I will give to her.
I used:

The journaling reads:We didn't start out as friends, in fact we din't like each other very much,
or so we thought. I can look back now and see that there was love
there, but we didn't want the other one to know it. I guess all
siblings fight as they grow up, thankfully it was something we
outgrew. As the years have passed, I don't know what I would do
without you. You are always there for me, in the good times, and
the bad. Ginger you are a kind loving person,a hard worker, a good
wife, mother, and a wonderful grandmother.
But the thing you do best is, be my Big Sister. I Love you sis.

Wendy Rae

    Very touching layout. Sweet as can be. I like your little touches. The glasses, pen and flower. Looks great!
    Absolutely Sweet Wendy!
    This is pretty. I like the journal book idea.
    You should submit it to the Mid February "Friends" contest, too.
    love the life book and the glasses. nice layout!
    She is gonna love this..might even bring a few tears..wonderful job!
    What a sweet message to your sister. She's going to love this. I really like the way you put it in a journal and the little touches you set around it. Sweet layout!
    Wonderful layout. I love the use of the book and the other embellishments you used.
    This is very touching. Your sister will love it!