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What is It?

What is It?

Thanks Diane (Dinny’s layout in this week’s newsletter) for the great idea on how to utilize a series of photos. These pictures captured Nicholas’ first encounter with “It”, a toy on his ExerSaucer. At 10 weeks he is just beginning to embrace the world around him and his reactions are priceless!

Journaling reads:
“What in the world is it?
Maybe if I kiss it, it will
LOVE me.”

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    this is really funny, lots of photos in an easy way to see them, wonderful use of white space, love the colour accent. Nice work!
    Look at that face, how cute! I love the white background with the slight pops of color and the multiple photos work great. Too sweet, thanks for sharing. :)
    Oh my how precious is this LO! Ohhh this is one of my favorites! I ADORE THIS LAYOUT! GREAT JOB!
    When I read the title and the captions...I started laughing then really looked at the photos and oh my goodness Joyce those are PRICELESS! I love this layout!
    Too cute!
    Great pictures and layout.
    Oh Joyce! This is gorgeous and so cool! I love the way you did your title and the colored section over the b&w photos. Great job.
    Oh my goodness! This is adorable! I love the photos, how you have the arranged and the color pop too!
    Really cute! love the white space and embellishments. Great shadowing!
    Wonderful! I love so much about it!
    Hey Grandma Joyce that is one super cool LO!! :disappearing-smilie: Love how you have put in the coloured bit and on a tilt. So effective!!