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Feb Week4

Feb Week4

Had to struggle a bit with "oh, what to take this week" pictures. Sure wish my DD would be more willing to pose! Oh well :D

Thanks for looking,

*Credits in Details

Edited (forgot to add): ABR DLOT MultiPhoto3 Template

    I like how you set up your Weekly SG52 page here. Love the gingham borders on the sides. You do look great with that Haircut!
    Great job! Love the fun colors and the haircut looks great!
    Another great page & great haircut too
    What great photos! I love your new haircut! Wonderful layout!
    Great photos-the haircut looks fabulous! I love your bold swirls and colors-very pretty.
    I think your haiurcut looks really good! I think most women suffer from some sort of haircut-remorse! I like the brackets and the notation for your days of the week!