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Feb Week4 left

Feb Week4 left

Had to struggle a bit with "oh, what to take this week" pictures. Sure wish my DD would be more willing to pose! Oh well :D

Thanks for looking,

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Edited (forgot to add): ABR DLOT MultiPhoto3 Template

    Thats a LONG LONG LONG Time to give up Chocolate!
    You are SO right Vee.....I sneak a little a work! Shhhhh!
    I thought that too, Vaughnde, about the chocolate. I also thought, "Wow! Look at those swimming ribbons!!!!"

    Eden, I always enjoy your layouts. You've got a colorful, unique style.
    I love the bright colors in this pair of layouts, especially against the white background. And you've included one of my weaknesses - Lindor Truffles! Yum!
    Great layout. I like the bright colors against the white background
    Wow, that's a lot of ribbons! Wonderful 2 page spread. I love the way the pages look together!
    Love those Girl Scout cookies!! And your pages are just beautiful. I love papers you're using, and how you've set them up.
    Oh, yeah! Thin Mints-my fave! You have a great double page spread technique going on with your 52s!