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well, hello.

well, hello.

we're soooooo excited!!!

journaling reads:

our very first time to see you. you were
almost one whole inch long. you even
wiggled your little feet at us to say hello.

    Oh how cute! I love the "first baby photo" pages and you did a very splendid job. The little ruler just pulls the journaling together. Congrats! ;)
    How exciting!!! Have a happy pregnancy! Beautiful page!
    This is so precious ... I love the bright color you used! SO cute!
    oh so sweet, congratulations to you (and what a fun way to document!)
    Congratulations! I love the simple design you are using here to make the picture and story the focus.
    This is so precious! I love the ruler and the bright green color.
    Congrats! I love the ruler with the 1" circled! How great to have an ultrasound photo :)
    So sweet...what a wonderful beginning!
    Love your layout!
    Besides the wonderful picture and the bright background and that cool ruler...I liked the stitches! Made me think about the verse that says "He knit me together in my mother's womb"! What a wonderful, wonderful miracle you are a part of! And what a beautiful page to record it!