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candy bar wrapper

candy bar wrapper

Here is the layout of the candy bar wrapper I made for Devin's birthday party tomorrow.
I haven't gotten them DONE yet but when I do I will take a photo of one so you can see the finished project.

I used Valerie's candy wrapper template
and the Birthday Wishes collection.


    Cute, Michelle! Have fun at the party!
    Cute colors! Love the party hat...has he seen that part yet? One of our girls would love it on her picture, the other...not so much ;) I may have to do this for our girls' next party. TFS

    I love it!
    So so cute! :) I did these for my son's 1st birthday invitation -- they were a great hit! I bet everyone will love yours. :)
    These are so much fun! I just love making the wrappers.
    It turned out wonderfully! Love them ... makes me want to make some! :)
    It's really cute! I love the dots and the buttons. And that it is a thanks for coming to the party!
    Cute cute cute! Love your OOB picture with your son!
    These are so cute! Definitely something to think about for my 2 girls' birthday parties coming up soon . . .
    Looks great Michelle, they will be a hit, no doubt!