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Sky Watch

Sky Watch

I thought immediately of my sky pictures when I saw this challenge - and this picture in particular. In person, it was an amazing sight.


I love to look at the sky. I am fascinated by the variety of colors and textures. This view so captivated me, I pulled to the side of the road to get the picture. The sky looked like it was on fire - and there was one small tear in the canvas - as if an angel had used her finger make a small rend in the fabric to peek down on us.


DMI_BitsyBrushes_Thin I love these brushes and keep going back to them. I used them to make a frame around the picture.

TKA_CombatMarines_RedSky blended


    This picture is awesome, Cary. It almost looks unreal. Your journaling really touched me and that's exactly what it looks like. I love the framing around the photo, too. Awesome layout!!!
    Absolutely stunning! Love the journaling talking about an angel peeking down at us through the rend in the sky! The wispy yet elegant frame is perfect here too! Awesome photography, Cary!
    Wow, what a gorgeous photo! Beautiful page.
    Great photo and I love your journaling! Nice work!
    WOWZIES! Gorgeous Photo and I agree with your journaling about the Angels peeking down at us or better yet God watching us :)
    I think your photo is beautiful. I love your journaling and the thought of angels looking down at us. Your frame is so pretty and I'm going to have to look up that brush!
    Oh my! What a stunning photo. I love your interpretation of it in your journaling. Nicely done.
    Wow, Cary, both the page and the photo are absolutely stunning. Once again, I love the simplicity of your LO because it lets the photo and the journaling take center stage. Beautiful!
    Great picture and I love your journaling!
    Beautiful frame. I'm going to have to get the brush set based on your recommendation, and I'm not even really sure if I'm doing brushes right yet. LOL I may have to holler at you for help!