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A-mazing penguins

This started out to be something quite different. The original photo was taken at Cockington Green, a miniature village in Canberra (Australia) and it was of a beautifully crafted lawn labyrinth. I got to playing around with effects, added a layer or two and ended up with this. I layered the photo with a lighened pencil sketch with reduced opacity and the frosty paper, darkened. Then the penguins all ran on to the ice.

Items used:

AWI_LittleFriends_Paper_Penguin_SPECIAL.jpg copy 3







LDJ Sketchy Robot


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Hahaha. Gotta love the penguins! What a fun layout. Isn't it fun to just play and see what happens? Sweet!

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How fun! I love how in your description of how you created it you added "and the penguins all ran onto the ice." LOL

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Penguins and their march is truly amazing and you had fun while capturing what they do. If we don't take time to play we don't expand our skills and our horizons. TFS

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Guest Sara Arell

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Wow! How unique is this? Beautiful pic and amazing layout. You did a great job with this - added it to my favs.

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