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#-14 Color Challenge

#-14 Color Challenge

I actually started this for the Friday customer submitted challenge but it works here too. I think my DH is the pickiest person I know. The journaling is a bit exaggerated but not by much. He posed just for this LO.

Info in details.

    What a good sport he must be to pose for that picture. That's not a very long list of likes, must make shopping and cooking really easy! Great layout!
    Funny, and how nice of him to pose for you. Great LO
    This is so cute! I love the background and that photo is priceless!!
    :rofl: :rofl: I love this picture! CUTE!
    Wow! All I can say is I hope Campbell's never change their recipe! Was your father a pickie eater as well? you said you had thoughts of using this lo for Friday's challenge so I am quessing that your mother must have said that as well. Fun lo.
    Great journaling idea ... love the way we can share the "real" stuff with future generations so they get to know kin on a more personal level.
    This is very cute! At least he's not eating you out of house and home (like mine! - LOL!)

    This cracks me up!
    You didn't exaggerate by much, although I think he ate my artichokes :D, but most everything I cook isn't acceptable. LOL What a fun way to document it thought. Love the picture.