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Playground beauty

Playground beauty

This is a photo I took of my niece while she was on some playground equipment. It was a fluke of timing, I clicked just as she stopped and looked through the wood, and Yes! she is as beautiful as she looks - loud too, but that's a whole other photo.

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    This is a great photo! I love the mask/brushwork you have applied to it.
    Great photo. I like how you used the photo mask and the contrast between the pink and the b&w.
    This is so cute! Love the simplicity and the pink against the balck and white.
    Lovely layout and what a perfect picture! Don't you just love it when you get those shots??!!
    What a wonderful Snapshot Leanne! She is GORGEOUS and I love the brushwork and the masking you did on the edges.
    That is a fantastic photo and I love the effect on it! Love the bright colors with the b/w photo and the brushwork in the corner. TFS!
    How utterly sweet her photo is. Love those eyes. I really like the contrast of the color vs the black and white. Beautiful blending on the photo too.
    This is a great photo! I love the way you scrapped it. Just beautiful.
    Beautiful photo! I love the expression in her eyes. The contrast between the color and the b&w is
    awesome. Nice brushwork!
    She is darling and you captured a wonderful picture - those are rare and hard to capture, but you did a great job with this layout.