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Wrinkles and Gray Hair

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So I didn't really follow the rules. . . (when do I ever???) but this shows the effect of time on my appearance. I wasn't really doing this as a contest entry- just for fun- and I actually only used one set. It was Erica Hite's Birthday Wishes Collection. I just wanted pink and orange and why go looking for more "stuff" when the simple look is what you want anyway?


BTW. . . here are the children's responses about my new hair do.


Colby (almost 16) "If you can dye your hair, why can't I."

Parker (almost 13) "I think it looked better the other way. You look wierd."

Reed (11) "Cool! Your hair looks awesome!"


Guess who my favorite is today?????

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Kaye, I absolutely love your hair!! and your LO is awesome.

The colors are perfect and Birthday Wishes Collection was made

for this LO. Great photos of you!

Isn't it funny how kids reactions to things can be so different.

I ditto Reed!!!

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You look mah-ve-lous my dear!!! :) Yay Reed! What a clever child you have. :) He knows where his allowance comes from! Great job on the layout too!

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I agree with Reed your hair really does look awesome. I like the orange in the layout and the way you aligned the photos. Nice job!



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I'm still laughing at your journaling, but I love the simplicity of your layout and your "new do" - I do the "gray has to go" periodically too and I just never took a picture, but yours are really very good pics of you. Are you going to change the pic in your avatar now? Thanks for sharing a smile with us today.

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I love the colors in this and the simplicity of the design proves that less IS more. :)


Also got a kick out of the reactions. Answers to their reactions at my house would be: "Because I'm the mom and I said no." "Yes. And clearly it's genetic." "I knew there was a reason I always liked you more. Would you like to go shopping and get a new pair of designer jeans?".


Really great page!

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