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AKA Indiana Jones

AKA Indiana Jones

I asked a friend to take your birthday pictures. You wouldn’t cooperate until I let you put on your new Indiana Jones Outfit. And then you had all kinds of Indiana Jones moves and poses for the camera.



    How cute-love the photo and I love the layout-awesome! What a great memory!
    I have a little Indy @ our house too :)
    Gotta go scrap him!
    Sweet layout.
    How CUTE! I love this Jen! My oldest grandson loves hats! Hmmmm.....I might have to get him an Indy one :)
    Oh my goodness. This is SO adorable. Love the simplicity of it all. It works perfectly with the aged tag and the stripes and the whole thing! Wonderful job. What a treasure!

    LOL - very cute! Love the way you scrapped this photo!
    This layout has caught my eye about the last three times I've been into the gallery, it is just so clean and simple but so eye catching. love Los' like that. I think your little indy is quite a cutie!!!
    Well, he is certainly all boy, isn't he - so cute - I love the Authentic tag on your layout and the border around it is really nice. Very nice layout. TFS
    WHat a wonderful "old" time feel to your LO, he looks so handsome, great photo. The shipping label is perfect!
    What a great layout. This all works together so well.
    Fantastic layout. I love that hat, and I have a couple of boys who would love to wear it, too.