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Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

This isa family favorite in my dh's family. It usually shows up at most family reunions.


Supplies in the details.

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I really like your recipe card. The way you attached your tag is really cool. I also really like the way you intertwined your border frames. I have a couple of questions about your recipe, which sounds very good by the way. When you say you add the graham wafers. Do you add them whole or do you crush them? And do you put it in a cake pan? How do you serve this? I'm really curious about this recipe. It intrigues me. TFS.

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This does sound good! How will I ever stay on my diet? I love this card too. The template is one of my favs and I really like the tag you attached, very clever! TFS

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Guess I need to clarify some instructions! The crackers are just broken up into chunks and added in, then they soften a bit while it sits. We've always just served it in big bowl, nothing fancy. Actually, the subtitle (What the cat left behind) comes from a time when dh's Grandma (at least I think that's who it was, can't remember for sure), made it for someone, and they asked, what is this, it looks like something the cat left behind - anyway, the name kinda stuck!

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