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Aydan's birthday

Here's my layout for the color challenge. I'd really like to participate in the challenges more. Don't know how much I'll be able to, but here's a start. :P Thanks for looking!


It was Aydan's 6th birthday, and the kids were having a blast with his new Blo-pens. The ribbon is "stitched" with a brush from Cherise's Pen & Ink Quotes brush set. It says "Love the Art in Yourself."

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You have mastered the colour orange challenge real well Cynthia!! I agree with you in the fact the it would be great to do more challenges but time just doesn't seem to let that in for me.

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OK, I'll confess right from the start, I have NO idea what Blo pens are, but I think this is a wonderful layout!

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This is great! I love the bright colors - very appropriate for the subject. Orange is so cheery!

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I love how you used the bright color backgound paper ... lovely... dunno what blo pens are either ... :dunno:

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