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Journaling in layout:- "Six months before I turned 21 years old, I had a Dream. I heard God's voice and the sound of his voice was like an echo. It was clear but firm and it sounded like the rushing waters of a waterfall. Since then, whenever I come across a Waterfall, I am mesmerised just by looking at a waterfall but also because it reminds me to be quiet and still before the Lord"

This dream I had was a portion of the dream that I still remember waking up in the middle of the night from the dream. It still leaves me in awe many years later...

Background: BMU Schoolzone Collection Biggie
Frame: BMU SSEmb CrochetedFrames Special
Flower: JDE WFlorals Emb Special (recolored)
Plant: BHA BL~4
Clock: MST Overlayed EmbSpecial Clock
Stars: (Can't remember from where in my Scrapgirls folders...)
Font: English III Vivace BT

    This is a beatiful layout with a gorgeous photo! It just caught my attention in the gallery and I had to check it out!
    This is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful picture, wonderful journaling, wonderful layout!
    WOW! I really love this! The colors are so subtle and suit the journaling perfectly.
    What a gorgeous page for future generations to read and know you on a little more personal level than the usual diary/journal entries and letters we leave behind.
    This is Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder that we need to be still and listen to that small voice in the midst of our busy days.
    Beautiful photo and layout! Love your journaling!
    The serene soft flow of a waterfall is so peaceful and your journaling is beautiful. Love your layout.
    Lovely layout - I love your journaling script - and the way you used your embellishments on this layout. Very pretty layout.
    What a beautiful layout and photo. I really like to see the different ways that people use my artwork in their layouts. It is such a fun thing about the digital scrapbooking world that the embellishments can be changed and colorized to match whatever background. Such fun. Thanks.
    What a story -- gorgeous photo!