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Psalm 34:3

Psalm 34:3

Having some fun with these. :)

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I need to add...this photo wasn't by me. Y'all have said how beautiful it is...I didn't want to take credit for it. I got it off a site that said they didn't care in what fashion it is used. (Except for immoral, vulgar, etc ways.) The other flowers and birdie were by me...but not this lovely flower. I like to put these on my fridge and on my digital frame and in the cubby hole made by the shelves above my desk. Pretty pictures and scripture...can't beat that. :)

    Beautiful!!! So vibrant and rich and clear and crisp and just super lovely.
    I don't know what to say. This is just so magnificent. And I don't know what else to say!
    absolutly beautiful!!!!and he truely is Magnificent
    Beautiful vibrant red lily. I love the water droplets on the flower and the bright blue background. Your frame is beautiful too. Our God is an awesome God!
    a wonderful rich vibrant layout and your photo is awesome. Wonderful verse to go with it.
    That picture is absolutely gorgeous, and the verse you chose to highlight it is perfect. Great job!
    The photography on this beautiful flower is certainly the star in this picture. Adding the verse to it makes a terrific statement and its outstanding in every way.
    Even if the photo was not by you you've done an outstanding job in giving it even more beauty by the words and elegant framing! Gorgeous!
    Lovely layout! Thanks for sharing!
    OMG that photo, stunning.