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Swap crop for Penny full

Swap crop for Penny full

Penny sent me some wonderful pics of Hawaii I hope she likes what I have done with them. I think it would be one of my favourite places too!

Supplies in detials

    Angela this is beautiful! I love the blue background so reminds me of the ocean in the pictures Penny sent you. The little flowers tucked here and there just seems so Hawaiian!

    Love the colors and the embellishments.
    Very pretty and sooo relaxing! Nice job!
    Oooh, I just love it!!
    What a beautiful 2 pg spread! Penny is going to love this!
    What a fun LO! I love the photo frames you used to label each photo.
    This is a lovely layout. I love Hawaii too. We went there for our 20th Anniversary and fell in love with the Islands. I really like your layout and the wonderful flowers and shells you used to enhance the already lovely pages.
    Oh, Angela ~ I'm revisiting that wonderful vacation in my memory looking at your fabulous 2-page spread! Thanks so much for being my partner!
    What a great way to use file folders - awesome layouts - just wonderful!!!!!
    This is Gorgeous Angela!