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Bath Time for bears

I wasn't sure which gallery to put this in becuase it uses both of this month's club kits.


When I saw my 6yo sitting on the overturned laundry basket, colouring while keeping watch over her beloved bear who was having a bath, I knew I had to take pictures and do a layout using the journaling I posted on my blog a couple of years ago about the bear's very first bath. Because of the difference in dates I had to figure out a way to note both dates on the LO, and got the idea of the arrow from Amanda's Journal Bits brush set.


It's also a personal challenge of mine to put a butterfly on every page that features this particular daughter. She loves butterflies and when she saw this one she even said, "More butterflies." Silly girl.


After uploading this I noticed that the telescope looked like it was coming out of Emily's head! So I fixed it by duplicating the photo, putting a gaussian blur on the top copy, then clipping that top photo to a layer mask. With the mask completely black, and selected in the layers palette, I "erased" (by painting white) the area around Emily and her bear so that the background is blurred. That's probably as clear as mud!




papers - AMC Christmas Past; AMC Jake & Emma

string & hearts - MRE embellishment templates Threaded

butterfly - SNU Persimmon

arrows - MST Overlayed embellishment special Big Hand

word art charms - AMC Jake & Emma

staples - AMC Jake & Emma

styles - EHI Fabric 5401; CBA Clear Tints 4101; MRE Star Bright; MST Chipboard 1801

fonts - Halda Normal; Girls Are Weird; Go Long; Exmouth




"If you go down in the woods today, the teddies will need...a bath!"

In the winter when all is white, one should be able to take a white teddy bear outside without that bear's whiteness being affected, shouldn't one? My little girl learned otherwise this week. The truck was put into the garage on Saturday because the temperature that night was to be too cold and we didn't want to risk it not starting on Sunday morning. (It doesn't handle -30 very well.) This is an old truck. A truck that blows a considerable amount of black exhaust when it runs. In the garage this exhaust was blown onto everything around it, including the garbage can.

Sunday morning we all, including Emily and her precious bear, Vanilla, went out to the truck as we normally do, only this Sunday morning the truck was in the garage. To get into the truck Emily had to walk between the truck and the garbage can.

During church I noticed the black on the back of this previously all-white bear's feet. They were as black as soot. The rest of the bear was looking dirty, but the feet were the worst. I made a mental note that this bear would need to have a bath this week.

Monday night I looked at the bear and realized that there was no way I could wash it at that time of night because it would not be dry in time to go to bed with Emily. And that would just not be good news. So I waited until the next morning and then told Emily that Vanilla was going to have a bath today. She was quite amiable about that idea, and came with me to the sink where I scrubbed Vanilla's feet with the puma soap. I gave the bear a pretty good once-over (being careful to keep the soap out of her eyes as directed by Emily), and then it was time for the bath.

I tryied to get Emily to do something else so she wouldn't watch the bear in the washer, but she insisted on staying to keep watch over her beloved bear, "Because she's my baby." She hadn't wanted her to go in the washer at all before that, but I had assured her that that's how bears bath and she'd be fine. But I didn't know how she would take seeing her spinning around!

I had a few whites to do, so I tossed those in and told Emily they would keep her comfortable. "Like a blanket," she said. Well, she wanted to press the start button and watch, so what could I do? Next thing I know she's giggling and saying, "Vanilla's going around and around and around." and thinking that was just the most fun bath a bear could want! So Vanilla got a bath AND a roller coaster ride!

And now Vanilla is clean, basically dry, and back in her mummy's loving arms.

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Oh this is darling! I love the huge amount of journaling, the sweet photos that help tell the story and the way you have used the charms with the string and hearts is such a great accent. Super layout! :)

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This is absolutely adorable.........You are very very good at journalling - what a fantastic memory to look back on as she grows. I love the composition also and the photo of the bear in the washer is priceless! The heart string accent is really lovely too.



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Guest Sara Arell

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Very cute layout and I love your journaling. Sweet story.

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This is utterly charming. The string of hearts charms is a nice touch and the journaling is a delightful story. this will be a lovely memory. She will look back at this in the future and love it!

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