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Tombstone Sunset

Mesmerizing, hypnotic, charming, spellbinding...

Tombstone AZ was one of the highlights of our AZ trip this month. We had never spent time in AZ, and we

had a great relaxing time!


We were AMAZED at the stunning SUNSETS and SUNRISES... they took our breath away! This photo needed very little tweaking!


When I began to put this page together, I considered colors that would pop for background and nothing seemed to work well.

The color challenge was for purple, but even that dulled the sunset!


Going back to my photos of AZ I found the rock photos I had taken for "texture" and the Cactus "skeleton" at our motel. I made a block of color and attached the "title" of TOMBSTONE to the block. Then I clipped (control G) the photo to the block and gave it a slight bevel. Laying it over the rock picture it was almost done! After working on the upper journaling (Time Travel), and positioning over the sky, I KNEW that purple was the perfect color to stroke on the words! After stroking the Tombstone title, I sprinkled various shaped photos around the title, added embellies; and added journal comments in bold with a slight "outer glow" re-colored from the rock colors, and the page was DONE.


Supplies are in the details, but I used mostly photos we took,

including the awesome SUNSET in Tombstone!!!

What an awesome night show!


Journaling reads:

TIME TRAVEL: Stepping back into time...

the OLD WEST became so alive in TOMBSTONE.


also journaled:

We saw the re-enactment of the OK Corral shootout.

Took pictures with the actors portraying Doc Holiday,

Wyatt and Virgil Earp; had dinner at Big Nose Kates' Saloon

Visited Boot Hill where the Cowboy victims of OK are buried.

Spectacular SUNSETS... What a time we had!


Originally his page was being entered as High Noon crop from Wed 3/25, the PURPLE challenge. It really WAS a challenge to add purple to this,

but the outlined titles worked well. Now I am entering in the March Layout Contest because this memory was: " Mesmerizing, hypnotic, charming, spellbinding..."


(Published JULY 2010 in Ready Set Create)


© 2009 Barbara E Hughes

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I love LOVE love it! It is going in my fav's for when I get around to doing my Tombstone pages! Thanks Barb!!

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Beautiful layout! We really want to get to Tombstone this fall and you've made me want to even more!

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What an eye-catching layout! My favorite part is the full photo background and the title but I also love the smaller clusters of photos. Fabulous!!!

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What a fun page you made to commemorate your trip. I love the photo of the sunset and your Tombstone title is so cool.

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Guest Sara Arell

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Makes me want to travel there, Barb - great layout - great pictures. I really enjoyed seeing this so early this morning. Thank you so much for sharing it so I could see somewhere I have never been through your eyes.

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Oh my gosh this is awesome! The photos you took are spectacular and what a wonderful experience you had! I love watching history being re-enacted. I love how you did your titlework and the couple of embellishments you used on the page are perfect. Fantastic job on this!

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This is a stunning layout Barb. I love the way you did the title and the arrangement of the outstanding photos.

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Hey Barb this is just wonderfully made!! That title is awesome. Looks like you had a great time. Neat way to remember it.

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