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Long haul

Long haul

My Dad and his trucks. The journaling is part of a eulogy my sisters and I wrote for my Dad's funeral.

Some of these pictures are pretty old. I fixed the colors, cleaned up scratches, and removed distracting telephone poles and a tower from the background of the large photo. I also flipped one of the smaller photos so the trucks were all facing the same way.

MRE ScrapSimple Tools Metals
MRE ScrapSimple Tools Paper Tear
EHI ScrapSimple Tools Emboss
BVA Grungella Brushes

TYO Pin It Up
USC Grunge Guru
ABR Day To Day Life
MRE ScrapSimple Embellishments Lifted Photos Weathered
AMC Happy Family

Sketchy Times
Eager Naturalist
Cafe Rojo

Growing up as truck drivers daughter’s was never dull, dad was always coming home with exciting stories about his adventures on the road, whether it was driving on the winter roads or driving tankers of air craft fuel through forest fires. He was proud of being a truck driver, and was very good at it. His driving record can attest to that.

    This is Gorgeous Christina. I'm glad you were able to do something special about your dad.
    Wonderful tribute to your Dad!!
    The photos are great and I love the elements you picked to scrap this page with. You created a nice tribute, great journaling and I like the title treatment.
    Christina, this is wonderful. Those are great photos and you did a nice job with them. Love the Grunge Guru stuff with this. Nice remembrance of your Dad.
    Wonderful tribute to your dad, Christina ~ I love the background and the whole "manly" feel to your page! He's smiling from Heaven!
    Photos worth restoring and put into a LO that tells him once again how much he was loved by you! Great background paper choice and the photos and journaling are priceless!
    Isn't this craft so special when we can do things like this with it. Lovely tribute to your Dad.
    I really like how you clustered you r pics together, the one with the mountains behind it is amazing, TFS.