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Take Your Medicine

The journaling explains it all for this one!




paper - AMC Jake & Emma; COL Fresh Air special

paper template - DEB Rustic Stitches

brushes - MJO LYO Shipping Label

frame - AMC Jake & Emma

arrow - SNU Resolutions

tag - AMC Jake & Emma

ribbon & beaded wire - AMC Jake & Emma

style - AWI Sisal 8201

fonts - Corbel; Due Date; Slender Gold




Victoria, our future doctor, has always been a wimp. Whether getting a needle or swallowing a pill, she is tentative and nervous and makes everything worse than it needs to be. When she was diagnosed with tonsilitis and sent home with a prescription for Amoxicilan she was asked if she could manage a big pill. “Oh yeah,” she assured the pharmacist, “I’ll be fine.” But when we got the bottle home and she looked at the pills she said, “These are huge!” It took her at least 10 minutes to psych herself up to taking the pill. As soon as she swallowed it she looked at me and said, “That

was easy.” Maybe she’ll make it through med school after all!

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Great layout - you need to get her a Staples little red "That was Easy" button she can push everytime she takes her medicine. Awesome job on the layout.

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Oh dear, what a pill to swallow! Love the layout though! Especially how you've used the wire, attaching the bow, arrow & tag (and the blocking of the papers is great too!)

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I love the progression of your photos. The journaling is awesome. Love the story. Congratulations on having a dr. in the family. Great page.

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Oh, I am so impressed with this layout - love the colors and the paper you used. The story is all in the pictures too and I love how you did that. Really a neat layout.

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Love that YOUR Victoria has the same issues as mine. While she is planning Kinder teaching not medical, taking nutrition which she needs is a huge event for us 3xs a day. Best to your's!

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LOL! I just love the expression on her face! You captured this memory perfectly with the photos and the journaling! I also love the color choices. Awesome job on this!

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