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March Gallery Contest

Hypnotic...that is the look I would use to describe the look on my son Sheldon's face as he is looking at his daddy. Although this photo is taken years ago, I still cherish those stolen moments of the two of them together like this.


Items Used:

ABR_SS_LYO_New Foliage (leaf)

BMU_Back Porch Collection

SNU_Blossom Hill Collection

AWI_SSStyles_Artists Paper 8201 (on leaf)

ABR_I Love U Collection (tag recolored)

MRE_Well Loved Collection (Hinges recolored)

Font: Trebuchet MS


Thanks for looking!

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I love this layout. It is truly hypnotic. The font goes so perfectly here! Wonderful, Wonderful, WONDERFUL!

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How fun and cute are those photos! Love how you put this together..color, paper, embells, all perfectly placed and just precious!

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Great layout of a special moment. I like the way you separated the photo into two frames and the embellishments are great. Very nice job!

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That is such a sweet memory. I love your photos and the layout looks wonderful. The wood background is really cool. Great job!

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Guest Sara Arell

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This is soooo very sweet - I really enjoyed reading your journaling and seeing those precious pictures and you did an amazing job of scrapping that hypnotic look.......nice layout.

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This is sooooo precious. I love the alpha you used. The circle effect of it really ties into the connection between the two of them. Beautiful layout.

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