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The Look

Inner Circle Kit by Happyrobyn

Paintstrokes by Erica Hite

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Oh how I love The Look, and I’m glad that I finally caught it on camera. This look means that you have heard or seen something that you want to comment on but you are choosing not to do so. I usually know what it is that you have just seen or heard; however, on rare occasions I will find out later. What I definitely know is that you will have a funny story for me later. The Look tickles my heart. It is one of the many joys I get by being your wife.

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Great capture. My dd has a look that I have yet to capture! I love the grunge of your page and the way your highlighted "the look" in your fun journaling. I reallly like your layout!

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What a great shot! And the journaling is so perfect to explain the story behind the pic. Love the composition and colouring.

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