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Got to Get You Into My Life

Got to Get You Into My Life

I'm not sure if I've heard the Beatles version of this song. In fact, I was surprised to find the Beatles wrote it. I've heard it done by Earth, Wind and Fire, and it's funky. The lyrics I used at the bottom, in case you can't read them, are: "Ooh, then I suddenly see you * Ooh, did I tell you I need you * Every single day of my life."

I can't imagine my life without my husband Tony. TFL.

    What a great page, LOVE this kit, and what a sweet song to celebrate your love.
    Mandy's Origami Set

    Just in case you all want to go get this beautiful kit!
    Ack! I've got to get this kit! It's awesome! And what a hunky, blue-eyed guy you got there!

    Love the colors, love the patterns, love the lyrics, love the photo - Just love it all! Great LO! :dancingelephant:
    I love this kit!! Great LO!!
    Great layout. The blue eyes really stand out. Very striking.