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Silly Faces

This is my slant on Silly Faces - The pouts and protests I get whenever the camera is around my 14 year old daughter Hollie!


Journalling reads


Whenever I try and convince you to have your photo taken we always go through a sort of ritual. First you protest and

say “No Mum” I don’t want it taken.” Then its “Oh but I’m ugly”. Then come the silly faces, pouting lips and sulky eyes. At which point I always tell you how gorgeous you are to me. and you re- tort “well you would say that - You are my

Mum!” Which of course is very true and I am naturally quite biased regarding all my children. But its true a few spots & a bad hair day can never dull the glow of your beauty from within. So stop those silly faces & let me show the world how gorgeous you are!


When you smile your face lights

up and your beauty shines through



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I really like the way you have done this on a journalling book. This is a really nice LO! And I agree with you, your DD is very very lovely.

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I love it! She is Gorgeous! You can reassure her that she will grow out of this pouty, lanky stage and really really see herself as she is to others than just Mum. I love how you used the Journal for this!

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This is a gorgeous page. The sentiment is just lovely too. I love the way you composed all the pieces. The little details give such realism to the page. Great job...and fantastic entry for the contest!



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This is fabulous! Love the whole layout...very cohesive and beautifully arranged. And you are correct; your daughter is beautiful! :)

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This is such a beautiful LO. I just love everything about it. Such a beautiful girl too, hopefully she'll start seeing what everyone else is seeing very soon. =0)

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Very pretty layout for a very pretty young lady. She certainly has nothing to feel unattractive about but then that's what 14 year old girls do, isn't it? Very nice arrangement of the photos.

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