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Olive Oyl is a Pickle

Olive Oyl is a Pickle

Journaling: Granddad introduced Brandon to Popeye videos on our vacation. One night his Dad called Olive Oyl fickle. A few episodes later, we heard Brandon solemnly pronouce Olive Oyl a pickle. He may have gotten some funny ideas, but he just ate those old 1930's cartoons up. I didn't have room to write about how he asked to eat a spinach leaf then did some pushups and asked all of us to feel his muscles.

Supplies:AMC Action Hero Collection, TCS Art Journal, MRE Edge It, AMC Pic a Plenty template, Mad Sketch July 10,Wendyzine Bloat Matte, BGD Liberty Jelly button, Waltograph and 2 Peas Rubber Duckie Fonts, Popeye graphics. One thing I did was to jump some of the graphic from an Action Hero paper on top of the blue circle. The original yellow and orange was too much but I liked the burst effect in the middle.

It's so fun to think about these happy memories when I scrapbook them.

    LOL! This is Cute. It was because of Popeye that I fell in love with spinach! Still haven't gotten the hang of fresh spinach yet though but I'm trying :D
    this really pops, the journalling conjours up lovely images too
    Lol. What a great page to preserve this memory of a cute kid's saying -- I HAD to take a closer look when I read the title. You did a great job with this happy, bright LO, and I totally relate to your comment about how happy it is to relive the memories as you scrap them. Thanks for sharing!
    I love the impact this LO as! So vibrant and colorful - and very old-timey. I also love the memory you've captured. This will be treasured for years to come! It's a winner - good luck in the contest!
    Great layout. I love the outside frame that reminds me of a tv screen. Nicely done!
    How cute is this?! I had almost forgotten about Popeye.