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The Many Faces of Dylan

The Many Faces of Dylan

A cute grandchild, a fun contest, and finally my scrappers' block is broken.

Credits in details.

    YOu sure are out from under your scrapper's block. This is a great page. The filmstrip works wonderfully. The colors are great, and I love the texture of the BG paper. We should get Dylan together with my girls...they'd have quite a time with the faces...unless they were worried about cooties! ;)

    Nice entry for the contest, Sandi.
    What block... this is awesome! Very cool use of the photo strip. As the mother of four boys, I know just what you mean. They can't just smile for the camera. You really captured him with this one.
    What a great LO! Love all the red, white and blues! I can tell you that my son is now 14 and he still makes the faces...whenever I try to take a decent picture of him, a silly face comes out...I have more photos of him making goofy faces than I do of him being "normal". But he makes me laugh. =0)
    Dylan's faces are making me laugh! I hear you on funny Faces! Girls do it too :) I love your colors and the filmstrip you used Sandi!
    What a spectacular break out from scrapper's block!
    It's wonderful!
    And you can threaten to show these to his girlfriends when he starts dating!!!
    This is awesome Sandi! Great composition and wonderful photos.
    this one is so fun...as are the photos.... great colors too.... i guess this will be what i have to look forward to when dgs is 7...i will save it in my favs for a scraplift ! LOL
    Cute! Love the way you did your title.
    Great journaling and the title placed over your grandson's name is quite effective. Your composition is right on target, as usual. Into my favorites, along with many of your other layouts.
    Oh, Sandi, I love everything about this! Great photos (given the nature of the subject, LOL!), artfully showcased. It all just WORKS! And, the answer to your (rhetorical) question is: for the same reason that 4 YO boys, and 15 YO boys, and 60 YO boys do that. You won't see many layouts of my husband here. At least the younger boys (mostly) manage to limit the anatomical absurdities to their faces. :)