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4-19-09 April Contest The Many Faces of Layna Lou


© Vaughnde

4-19-09 April Contest The Many Faces of Layna Lou

My youngest daughter had a blast cutting up yesterday. Since I don't get to spend a lot of time with her usually, this was precious to me. The snapshot that is our Favorite is the one in the middle!

KSC SSEmb Dimensional Frames Quad Horizontal (copied twice, connected, Colored, Added Gaussian Noise for Glitter)
VRA Dif Color Blue-Lightened
SNU Ayo Flowerful Swirls Glitter, recolored
SNU Ayo Flowerful Flower Swirls, White Black Button
TKA Ornamenal Ink Brush #4 Gaussian Noise Added
Camelot Font
Calligraphy Font
CAC Lasko Even Weight Font


    oh, I can see why you love that photo Vaughnde. Love how you have included so many different moods, its all come together really well
    What a fun LO! Love all her different faces! I love how you did the center photo!
    I like the Blue background Paper and flower Cluster.
    Cute collection of pics! Really fun LO!
    Your daughter is very beautiful and I love how you captured all her facial expressions! I also like the blue background paper and the arrangement of all the photos. I also like all the flowers in the corners. Wonderful job on this!
    I love the happy flowers you used as embellishments. They go really well with the happy and fun photos. Neat layout Vaughnde.
    Really nice! I love the flowers and the frames :)
    I like the way you laid-out your photos -- the photo strips are great and I like the corner embellishment clusters.
    This is wonderful, Vaughnde! I love the whole series of photos and the way you arranged them. And the colors are wonderful!