Baby Rabbits- From Simple Scrapbooks May/June 2009

I saw that ChristyVW posted her LO from Simple Scrapbooks, so I guess it's ok for me to post mine now! I was so excited to be published, but sad that this was the last issue of Simple Scrapbooks.

Thanks especially to Ro, Angela, and Christy for offering the incentives to submit, and the support and help with the getting published chats. I never would have done so if not for this push. Since this one, I have two others that have been picked up for other publications!


Journaling reads:


Daddy thought that raising rabbits would be a good thing to do

with his girls. He wanted to teach them responsiblility as well as have something that only he, Betsy Grace, and Scarlett could do together. So, for his birthday, he wanted a few rabbits. Florida White rabbits, to be exact. We got two girls and a boy. Betsy Grace named the boy, Floppy and the two girls Knutsy and Collie. It wasn’t long before there were babies! Betsy Grace and Scarlett were so excited to see their baby rabbits. They just wanted to hold them and pet them all the time. Scarlett was very concerned about any of the babies getting away, and would corral any bunny that dared to get a few inches away from the others. The girls have really enjoyed having a “rabbit farm” under their suburban house! They help Daddy with the “farm chores” and have even entered their rabbits in local rabbit shows. The rabbits have won several times and the girls have

made wonderful memories of doing something very special

with their Daddy. He’s such a good Daddy! July 2008










Styles: SBA_BasicShadows, KSC_Gingham, TCS_PeeledPaint, EHI_Fabric


Font: Leftovers

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OMG this is just wayyyyyyyyyyy to cute!! I had a mom and pop bunny and remember Venus having 13 bunnies! I had so much fun finding names for them all. I love that you gave your daughter this experience!! Great photos and look at those tiny little bitty bunnies! So cute!!

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Oh, I see why they accepted this one! What a fantastic page! I love how you used the ribbon wrap and how you placed it to work as a frame edge. Darling photos too. And Congratulations again!!!

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Just adorable! I love the strip of photos on the left and the main photo is just too cute! Great choice of materials, too!

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Heck, this is soooooooo cute! What a wonderful layout. I love the photos, the colors, EVERYTHING about it!

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