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Silly & Sweet

Silly & Sweet

These are my kids and their cousins. The funny thing is, I have boxes and boxes of old photos that I'm constantly picking through to find things to scan and scrap and today I came across these photos which fit the silly theme perfectly! The youngest one here is now 25 years old ~ this layout is going to crack them all up! Thanks for looking!

(Made completely with Melanie Johnson's Beyond Myself Collection.)

    How funny! Cute layout.
    I love the photos! And your choice of elements matches perfectly and sets of the photos so well! Caught my eye in the gallery!
    Simple, yet wonderful layout! Great coordination of elements and colors with the photos!
    Penny this is just gorgeous. I love all the colours and I love your two photos. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    Love this LO!! Love everything you did here. What great photos! Such a great memory for them to share!
    The photos are great - I love the colours. How neat that you found these old pics. I think the materials you chose go so well with the pics too.
    I love the whole layout. Fun pictures and nicely showcased.
    I love this Penny! Totally adorable and the colors are spot on!
    This is wonderful. What a great memory to preserve for all to laugh over. Your layout is good at showcasing the photos in a very attractive way without competing with them.
    I love it! The comparison shot is great and the color palette really complements the photos.