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© ©Diane L. Miller [dinny]
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I had SO much fun doing this layout! It didn't turn out as I originally intended, but I'm really happy with how it did. The photo is SO Alex :) There were SO many distracting elements behind her, so I extracted them. Fortunately, it was white around her hair, so I didn't remove the white from the photo, since it fell within the white area of the layout.


created with:

Brush Set: Go Green

Go Green Collection

Jardin De Fleur Collection Mini

Tiny Love - Girl Collection



It was warm & pouring so you had to go jump on the trampoline. Of course, it slowed down when I got out.


© ©Diane L. Miller [dinny]

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I saw this in the newsletter and just had to tell you that I think this is just awesome! The extraction, the reflection, and the journaling along the body. This is both stunning and so creative!

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This layout set the tone for my day! A big smile came across my face and I was filled with joy. Spring has arrived at the Lake of the Ozarks and our garden is abundant with bloom from Dogwoods to Virginia Bluebells. If only I could just jump like Alex, 'cause that's how I feel today. Just LOVE everything about this design.

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I agree with Joyce! This is Gorgeous and I too wanted to jump for Joy. Not only for Spring but also because we had a SG Get-Together at April's :D

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