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Giving Sister A Hand

This lo started out as scraplifting Janine's "My Mother", but along the line it evolved until it didn't really resemble the lo I was scraplifting very well! I did keep the stamp frame look, and the bead line that does through the title.


fonts: Times New Roman, Bearerfond

journal strips: PWR Durango

blue background:

coral butterflies:

overlay: DEB trellis

overlay grunge:

butterfly: booland designs

edging: ASO Appassionata

stitching: ASO Dynabrush 6401 straight stitch, SBA stitching and holes

flowers: BHA Spring BlsmBlm, holly designs flowervine, ccher vintage folage

bead line: AMC Jake and Emma

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That is a very sweet photo. You did a great job "anchoring" it with the paper border and the flowers. Good eye on design.

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This is Gorgeous Dianna! I love how you did everything! Don't be surprised if I end up scraplifting you someday because I really like how this one turned out!

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Wow this looks awesome! I love the layered postage stamp frames! The flowers on the vine look beautiful too! I especially like your titlework! Thanks for sharing!

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I like the layered photo stack and the flower cluster along the edge. And every time I try to scraplift, the same happens to me -- I can't stay focused and I end up changing so that it never resembles the page I'm trying to lift! Glad that's not just me! LOL

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