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©Diane L. Miller [dinny]


We've been looking for new appliances and I kept seeing those EnergyGuides. Then I read "the key to energy efficiency is turning things off" as Tim bounced into the room. Sometimes I wish I could bottle his energy:) The EnergyGuide is included in Go Green Collection with editable text, so you can make your kids energy efficient or not.

created with:
Go Green Collection
Brush Set: Go Green
Solids: JEWEL Paper Biggie
Emerge Collection Mini
ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Price Tags Biggie

    I love the label. I could certainly use this idea with my kids.
    What a fun layout! Hmmmm...I have a child with endless energy too...I think I could use this Go Green kit myself!
    Great layout :).
    Love the face in that picture! Leaving a comment for the treasure hunt!
    This LO caught my eye in the newsletter, love it all.
    Love the energy guide!!! That picture says it all :)
    I saw this this morning and loved that label. Such a great idea!!
    I love that label!! (treasure hunting :D)
    Great layout! I love that face right next to the energy guide!
    Love that beautiful purple background!!