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Rustle Rustle Rustle


© Janean Sylvester

Rustle Rustle Rustle

Grocery bags everywhere and one happy innocent-faced kitten in the middle. (This is my first page ever.)

    This is very well done! I love the colors and the pic placement and the layered papers and the subject matter. :)

    When I was growing up we had 2 Siamese cats and they didn't have plastic grocery bags yet. Grocery day was fun because my mother would just drop the brown paper bags on the floor and let the cats play. Sometimes they played hide and seek, sometimes they played shred the bag, and sometimes they played bounce and pounce.
    I love this page. Cats always love to get into paper bags and also boxes, especially boxes too small for them. You cat sure looks like he/she is in heaven in the big photo. It's a look of pure pleasure. Just too adorable.
    This is Awesome! Congratulations on your first page and I just love that face on your kitty!
    This is just too much fun ... I can almost hear the rustle of those bags as the kitty has fun playing. Cats can be full of mischief like no other animal unless it's a playful digging puppy :)
    I have a 30-second video clip of the cat jumping around in the bags. I have to figure out how to transfer it from my cell phone, then I will make a "live action" page in Keynote/iMovie.
    Silly cat, don't they always love the free toy the most!
    I wouldn't have guessed this was your first page. Nicely done!