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for Laura

for Laura

I'm so sorry that I'm late posting, I've been sick all week and progressively got worse as the week went on. I didn't want to let Laura down and I've had the layout done for a long time. Well, hopefully better late than never....

SwapCrop Layout for Laura (vendypics) made with all Scrap Girls products, mainly with Durin Eberhart's Bohemian Elegance. Also, used Melanie Johnson's SSAlphaTmp_Vintage Photo for the green swirls, Syndee Nuckle's AYO Flowerful bow, and Melissa Renfro's (SG Blossom) staple. Fonts: Blessed, Beantree, and AshleyAlpha; Program PSCS4

Journaling: I get a few ear infections every year. This one was in both of my ears. It was so bad that it pushed my jaw out of line so my teeth didn't touch each other. I had to "slurp" my food, and couldn't chew for 4 days. One night, Eric (my husband) brought home a bunch of things for me to eat, and made me a menu. He pretended to be a waiter and served me in bed, starting with an appetizer, and ending with the meal. He was so sweet.

    Great crop you did for Laura. Love your choice of colors, papers and elements and I'm sure that Laura will also. Yes, it's always better late than never. You did a fine job here.
    Ah, you did a lovely job Penny!
    Lovely Penny and I'm glad you are feeling better. This is a wonderfully sweet layout for Laura!
    sweet layout for a sweet moment!
    Oh what a sweet husband you have! This is such a pretty layout! I love the layering of papers and your titlework! I sure hope your feeling better now!
    Awww...super sweet hubby! I like how you used the menu and the pic of the food plate as embellishments.

    (P.S. Hope you're feeling better -- no fun to scrap when sick about someone else being sick!)
    What a great layout! I love the journaling. What a sweetie! I hope you're feeling better, Penny! Thanks for joining the swap!
    Awww...Laura, your husband has such a servant''s heart. That's love. Penny, you did a beautiful job on the layout. The pictures are very cheerful yet comforting.
    Wonderful layout! I love the composition and the journaling.
    This is a really great page!!