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Farm Town

Farm Town

Plant crops,
Watch them grow,
Harvest and sell.
Visit other farms,
Chat with friends,
Have tons of fun!
Simple, really...
But so very


Font: CK Newsman
Software: PSP X2

    This is sooo cute Theresa! Love how you used the harvest stuff and the sunflowers. Great job with this!
    I have no idea what you're talking about you crazy girl.

    But the layout is really cute. ;)
    You are too funny! Love it!
    Addicting, whatever do you mean??? Very cute layout!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    Very cute layout!
    Very cute!
    Very clever layout. I really like the picture on the computer concept! Good job. I'm still not sure what the allure for this game is about. I've been concerned about going on Face Book because of problems with viruses. I don't know that viruses are a problem on Face book, but it didn't seem worth the possibility.
    This is such a cute layout to describe what Farm Town is all about. I love the harvest you have sitting by your computer. I don't dare look to see what it's all about on facebook because I don't have enough time to get all my scrapping done as it is! Lol. Great layout!
    I got hooked into it and its really kinda fun, but it is eating way too much of my time. So..... farm for sale.