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© &copy 2009 - VickiV
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Vicki V.
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I thought I'd take a second run at this with a page more closely aligned with Pat's theme. :)


This is my oldest DGS, Jason Micah Jr. . . .aka: Deuce just being what he normally is in front of a camera. This is one of those where I scraplifted myself. . . would post a link but it's to another commercial site so I guess I'll pass on that. I reworked it a little and used different materials.


The journaling says: "You crack me up, little buddy! It's IMPOSSIBLE to get a "normal" picture of you. The minute you see a camera, you turn into Bozo The Clown. So, in the interst of getting some pages of you scrapped before you get your PhD, I decided to scrap what I've got because really, the best pages will be the ones of you, being YOU!"


==== CREDITS ====


Background Canvas & torn Blue Mat - TYO_JunkLove Collection Dark Red and Slate Scratch papers

Steel Grommet - TYO_JunkLove Collection

"Goofus" Paper, Be Yourself Tag, Stars, Ribbon Cluster, Boy Tag - SNU_MischiefMaker Collection

Knotted Ribbon - ASO_Friends and Family Collection (Color altered inside Foto Fusion)

Note Paper - TCS_HavingHope Collection


Software: LumaPix FotoFusion


Fonts: Jokerman and Kids


© &copy 2009 - VickiV
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Great layout! I love those photos. The ribbons are great and I really like the way you've "attached" the torn paper with the journaling!

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Isn't that the truth that the best pages of our kids are them being themselves! This is such a cute LO with all the fun photos! Wonderful LO!!

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