Other images in April 2009 Mid Month Gallery Contest


Vicki V.
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This is my oldest DGS, caught red-handed and then trying to charm his way out of it. DDIL took the pictures. . . .I'm pretty sure the charm worked. :)



==== Credits ====


SNU_Mischief Maker

  • BG Canvas
  • Torn Yellow Paper
  • Mat under large picture
  • Title Alphas
  • Metal Rivet
  • Mesh
  • Stitched embellies
  • Stars


  • Mat papers under L-clustered pic and pic in upper left corner

DEB_Linda Vista

  • Cross Stitches

TYO_Junk Love

  • Denim Border

EHI_Fancy Stitches

  • Stitch Chain


  • Red Brad


  • LumaPix FotoFusion


© &copy 2009 - Vicki V.

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This is a darling layout! I love the cross-stitching and the arrangement of photos. What a cutie he is.

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