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My Mischief Maker

Here is a layout of my youngest son. He has ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, so he can definitely stir up some mischief! Even with these difficulties, he manages to be a funny and loving little boy and I couldn't imagine life without my little ray of sunshine!









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Oh Angie! This is Fantastic and I do understand :) My Grandson has his own challenges and I have a couple of adopted grandsons who have their own as well. I love this Layout! Only a mother's heart can speak this way :)

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This caught my eye in the gallery as he is so cute and looks an adorable mischief maker. Fabulous layout.

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This is a beautiful LO. The colors are great, and I love the simplicity! The love you have for your son really comes through in you journaling! Just Great!

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I also really like the colors and the lay out. It's a nifty photo of your son as well. This will be a nice memory of him at this age, maybe something to show a future girlfriend. He is a cutie. He has a great smile.


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Excellent layout! Great photo to start with and I love the composition of the whole layout. Great journaling too.

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