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My son has such good taste! my dil is a lovely wife and mother. She is seen here in a fun moment with her son.
I also tried my hand at some Haiku thanks to Ro's inspiration. This reads:
Mothers, joyfully
celebrating our love of
the pleasure they give
I use PSE 7. With the "corner" I did a copy of parts of the paper to give it a similar look and feel, grouped them and set both to luminosity to blend with the paper. The photos of flowers are my own and I used the dry brush filter on them.
Items used: SNU_DearMom_PaperSpecial.jpg; ASO_TakeWing_Emb_Frame-Base.png; AMC_JakeEmma_WordArt_Beautiful.png; DMI_Serene_corner_SPECIAL.png
Font: Viner Hand ITC

    Very beautiful layout. Even more special is that you have a great love for you dil!! :)
    This is a beautiful layout. You are a great MIL.
    This is Beautiful Christine and I can feel the love you have for your DIL coming through!
    Isn't that wooden frame just the greatest! I love the way you tilted it and ran the words down the side. Great job with the haiku, too.


    OH CHAN. . .This lo is AMAZING & I took a peek @ the lo with your mother's picture which is BEAUTIFUL beyond words. . .I WANT to learn my NEW PSE 7 & can only HOPE to make a layout 1/100 as WONDERFUL as your's are. . .Debi :clapping_kitty:
    love how you tilted the frame and the multi photos you used...it tells a very loving story
    What lovely photos to place in that awesome frame. I also like the flowers softening the frame. I know your DIL will love it! Great job, Chan!
    Nice Photos layout and pretty Embellishments
    Vrey pretty! I love the way you used the frame and the beautiful flower embellishments.