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My first M's Day card


© Mimi Miller

My first M's Day card

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May 8, 2009,
I picked you up at school and you have made a Mother's Day card. We got to the car and I put it on the console. You asked if you could have it and I told you I will open it at home and you said: "Mom, but you have to share!" You also picked these cute little flowers for me. You were playing in the field and when the teacher called you, you brought them to me and you said: "Mom, these are for you!"SO I had the best Mother's Day, because you are a great kid!

I hope yall like it ...I know I do lol

Thanks for looking!

    How Sweet Mimi! What a precious gift!
    Precious, precious, precious. Those are the things that make Mommy-hood GREAT! Glad you captured it in a LO! Love the paper and the butterflies!!!
    Awwww! This is perfect. I love the heart type paths! TFS
    Cute Layout
    This is so sweet. I love the linked text hearts.