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Bravest Woman in the World!

Bravest Woman in the World!

This is a LO I've been working on for months. The photos are of my Mom the day she had her first brain surgery last August. It was very scary for all of us, but especially for her. I kept telling her how brave she was being, and she kept responding that she wasn't brave at all. While she was in surgery that day, I started thinking about her life and and about bravery. The journaling was written then. She has continued to brave a second brain surgery, months of antibiotics and therapies of all kinds. These words mean so much to me now as I see her life in the perspective of being a Mom (and a grown woman) myself.

Thanks for the challenge to get this done for my Mom and for myself.


Journaling reads:

I have never really thought of you as brave, but as I look back you certainly have been. As a young bride you left the only home you had known to go with your new husband to live across the country. You headed to an island in the Pacific with your husband as a very pregnant, first-time mom and there had your first child, all without any other family help. You raised two small children alone while your husband fought in a war that many did not return from. You chose to live a life of instability: moving every few years, leaving good friends and making new ones again and again. You faced a teenaged daughter who yelled “I hate you!” and responded in quiet ways with “I love you.” You became a Pastor’s wife with all that entails in the middle of your life and chose to be yourself instead of what others would want you to be. You gave your children the freedom to live their lives in the way that God has led them, often far away from you.

You have, indeed, been very brave.

Today you faced a grave situation. Today you chose to let someone you did not know do something that you could not clearly fathom. You knew it would hurt. You knew there were risks. You knew it was scary. And yet today you chose to go ahead with it. Today you consented and submitted.
Today you claimed you weren’t brave at all.
But we know that bravery does not exclude fear: bravery supercedes fear.
Today you were
the BRAVEST woman
in the world.


    this is a beautiful layout...wonderful journaling and embellies... what a tribute to your mom who is truly brave.... just wonderful and a wonderful way for you to show your love and respect for your amazing mom and all she has been through
    WOW! Debbie I got tears running down my cheeks. What a wonderful tribute to your mom and you. What a special daughter you are and I hope you print this out for her for Tomorrow!
    What a beautiful tribute! I love that last line......bravery does not exclude fear, bravery supercedes fear. Those, my friend, are words to live by. Thank you for sharing them with us. Thank you for sharing your mom with us.
    That is very touching and you have honoured your mother in one of the best ways you can. I am sure that she would take great delight in your lo. Lovely.
    I like the Floral Paper and embellishments
    Yhis brought tears to my eyes. It is a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing it with us!
    This is a beautiful layout and wonderful journaling. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    I love this tribute to your Mom Debbie. I remember this time well (when I first met you) and we all stood vigil with you. It was then I realized that SGs was the most supportive place I have ever seen. This was my first experience on a MB and seeing this, well the faith was so powerful. This is a tribute to that faith, strengh and the bravery your mom has shown all through her life. I hope she know she also raised a very powerful, brave and strong daughter. This is a beautiful LO! You did well.