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So glad you got a shot with the Dr. sometimes they are hard to come by but mean so much long down the road.

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I agree! I have one when Bekah was born but its horrible now I can't even fix it. And I never got one of Layna's birth doctor.

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yes, it is a very special photo cause the dr is a dd of my mom's long time friend... my dd didnt know her but when she needed a dr and couldnt find one my mom suggested she ask this dd of her friend for a recommendation and when she went to see her she really liked her and the dr said she would take her as a patient... there are 10 dr in the practice so it was a long shot that she would be the one that would be on call for the delivery but she was...my dd and sil were thrilled.


i dont have any pics of my dr for my deliveries and sure would've liked one...my sil was smart to think to take this photo ( he is not so into taking photos so i am glad for them that he thought to do this

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