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Grandmother I never knew

Mary Helen Pratt Scottney Turbill B. 13 December 1877; M, Joseph William Morcombe 19 April 1899; D, 19 December 1939

Mary (seated) with sisters Elsie & Edith

This is almost as much as I know about my mother's mother. It seems so sad that it comes down to this. She died when my sister was 3 and my brother and I were not yet born. My sister has little recollection of her. I know my mother loved her dearly. The oval photograph always hung above the mantlepiece when we were young but with the thoughtlessness of youth I never asked my mother what she was like. I can only hope that my own grandchildren will grow up to have more memories of me...


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These are really nice colors and textures. I like the way the photos are laid out. She's really beautiful! I wonder about her story too. Thanks for sharing your LO.



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What a great tribute to your Grandmother! It is just lovely and I love the way you placed your photos, which are stunning. Great job!

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