Mother's Day joke with a friend.

I have a dear friend and our children are about the same age. We have both gone through some charming times with our children who proclaim to hate us at times. While making sweet and thankful cards for my own mother, I was looking online for quotes and found this one. I took this picture and played with it until I got the contrast that way I liked it, added the blurry square and the Bette Davis quote.

I imagine there are some parents out there who have not only never been told to their face that their children hate them; so Bette is not quite right there.

It's not a walk in the park, this parenting gig but so worth it.

Now I feel the need to make her a sweet card thanking her for her friendship. Maybe I'll use the same picture again.


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This is Fantastic and I like it! I love the water drops on the flower and how you played with the blending modes.

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